Jeff Friesen

Jeff leads software development, working closely with both our internal team and independent contractors. Using modern web technologies such as React, Redux, Node.js, he’s curating a solid stack for amazing products with less money and less time to market than could have been considered even a few of years ago.

Jeff focused his early career on solving energy problems, starting with 6 years in fusion research and low-temperature physics.  Unsure if unlimited energy sources would actually play out for the better, he moved on to become a scientist at the National Center for Atmospheric Research (NCAR) developing global warming software models. He earned his Masters in physics at the University of Colorado, Boulder at the Joint Institute of Laboratory Astrophysics (JILA).


Adam Stenftenagel

Adam is the energy specialist of the company and brings a deep understanding of building science, energy modeling, and the energy auditing profession to Radiant Labs. He spends a significant amount of time in product development and customer support, ensuring that the needs of cities are met by the software. He also manages the day to day operations of the company.

Adam has a background in television and interactive media and marketing, and excels in energy modeling and building science. He was a founding board member of the Boulder Green Building Guild and participated in numerous committees of the Colorado Governor’s Energy Office sponsored Residential Retrofit Working Group. Adam excels in cost-benefit analysis for the purpose of constructing cash flow positive and affordable Net-Zero Energy homes.


Ben Mailian

Design entrepereneur, UX practitioner & project manager with 12 years of experience in web development.  

Ben brings deep digital design knowledge and is in charge of user experience, interaction design, usablility.  Ben's unique combination of design and coding abilities allow him to collaborate more closely with engineers.

Before led the development of worldwide e-commerce activities for a fine food company. He has worked on web projects for clients in the US, France, India and Thailand, learning to bridge the gap between work cultures in the IT sector. 

Formerly head of the Technology Department at Mahatma Gandhi International School, his reponsibilities included curriculum development for Information and Communications Technology within an experiential multi-disciplinary framework (including social web media, web development, graphic design and film making). MGIS is an early adopter of emerging technologies. Under Benjamin’s Tenure, the school’s students won the national web design championships. The school’s technology work has been featured in festivals and/or purchased for professional use. MGIS enjoys the reputation of being one of the most technologically innovative school in the country.