Discover proactive insights
at scale for building electrification efforts.

Our mission is to interrupt the automatic, typically emergency-based equipment replacement cycle & introduce a transformative, forward-looking process that optimizes the cost-effectiveness & urgent demand for renewable energy-based powered systems.

Radiant Labs was founded on the simple idea that where there is change, there is opportunity.

We knew from previous experience that residential and commercial building owners can face significant barriers accessing the energy efficiency space.

With extensive industry knowledge and field experience, we saw that retrofitting entire buildings, often to net-zero energy performance, was becoming more economically viable than ever because of the rapidly declining prices of rooftop solar panels, energy efficient residential heating and cooling technologies, and electric vehicles.

Retrofitting entire buildings, often to net-zero energy performance,is more economically viable than ever.

Our Guiding Tenets

To address this cyclical issue, we began examining the facts and documenting the patterns that we observed as home and building owners purchased, used, and replaced their heating and cooling equipment. As the story unfolded, we formed our approach based on key conclusions:

Time is of the essence. It is imperative to reach home and building owners before their furnace or hot water heater fails, because if we don’t, they will swiftly replace it with another fossil fuel burning appliance, and the window of opportunity for this key efficiency upgrade will close for 10 to 20 years.

If we reach the home or building owner before their equipment fails, however, they can take advantage of the immense economic benefits of bundling energy upgrades, which could include any combination of energy efficient, electric-based heating and cooling systems, rooftop solar panels, and electric vehicles.

Using building and mechanical permit data, often with the support of a city or state government, we have the ability to predict when a building’s equipment will fail with a fair degree of accuracy.

We can determine which homes would see the most financial benefit from conducting these upgrades if we run our energy modeling software on every home in a territory.

There is opportunity for sustained success. Each year, as the functional life of home equipment diminishes, our clients have the opportunity to use our software platform to find the best upgrade candidates and work with them on conducting upgrades that go as far as net-zero energy. And for every year that follows, there will be a different batch of homes with expiring equipment, presenting a new pool of ideal candidates for upgrades.

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